Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talkin Tuesday and London Modern Quilt Guild

Tonight is the 3rd meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild at the Tonda Room at the London Central Library, the meeting starts at 6:30pm. There is lots of parking in the area and the bus stops almost at the door.
Tonight is the first of our member lecture series. Basically every meeting two people will give a mini lecture on something to do with quilting. Because I'm smart like that I volunteered to go first with the lovely Teresa. We're doing a thing on HSTs, their versatility and importance in design.
I think I will also be bringing my Curio quilt so I can work on the binding and get some feedback from the group on the pattern.


I always get some questions about the chat so thought I'd add some tips here.

Most find it easier to follow the chat using TweetChat. It automatically adds the hashtag (#talknt) to your tweets for you and has a control for how fast the page refreshes.

You MUST add your name and email on the Talkin Tuesday blog to be in the drawing for prizes. You do not need a URL, just leave that blank if you don't have a blog or site you want to link to.
The reason this changed from retweeting was all those retweets went to my limits and I kept getting thrown in twitter jail (locked out).

Just jump in! We're all really nice I promise. I ask questions, Q1, Q2 etc, often provided by the sponsor, and you answer and we discuss! Conversations spin off and some pretty funny things normally come up. There aren't any real "rules".

Tonight we're giving away sets of spools of AURIFIL thread!! You absolutely want to be the winner tonight!


Sally Johnson said...

Enjoyed lastnights Talkin' Tuesday, and usually do. I would love to host a night but need to know if I need to set my blog up in any special way. Your blog quite nice. I would like to add a link for your blog on my blog, like to plug for people so traffic is steady...

Anonymous said...

Awww, rats! I always remember the Talkin Tuesday on Wednesday morning! LOL That doesn't do me much good!!
Jacque in SC

Teresa said...

Wow Cara, thanks for linking my blog. I had a blast doing the HST lecture, hope you did too!

Sally Johnson said...

Hello Cara,

I would love to sponsor talkin' tuesday next week. Let us try to put it all together for next Tuesday. Just let me know what I need to do... I all for it...