Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Girls

My house is often over flowing with little girls. I only have one daughter but she has 3 friends who love within 4 houses of us so pretty much daily we have at least one other child here.
I love it, it is so good for Little Bit, and it helps keep her occupied. And I don't have to play "Hide and Seek".
One of the favorite places to hide is my sewing room. They hide under tables, in the closet, behind the door and under quilts.

This means its more messy then normal but I don't care. It also means they go through my fabrics, which is also ok. It makes me happy to hear them oh and aw over fabrics, quilts, purses etc that they find.

Recently they've been hinting at me making them purses. Which isn't going to happen right now. I have too much to do.
But I did make two of them these little purse/ipod bags.

They just slip over the wrist and velcro close. The girls got to pick their fabrics, and both asked for it to be longer then high. I'm guessing to accomadate the ear buds.
These were super simple and quick. I'm thinking I may have to make more as the other girls will be wanting ones too.

I'm going to be looking for little projects because all these girls want to learn how to sew/embroider. I want to be able to use stash, so lots of FQ projects. And because they are kids things that are fairly easy and don't take a lot of time/attention commitment.


Kate said...

My LQS just started doing kiddie projects that take two fat quarters. Last month we made Christmas stockings and two ornaments - that was a lesson in careful cutting! This month, we're making pillow covers with a heart.

Nancy said...

If they want to learn to embroider, then start them out making a simple needle book out of felt with batting pages...

sandra said...

What fun, I really miss having a little girl around. I have two grandsons and they aren't interested.Have fun and enjoy they grow up too fast.