Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make and win a FQ bundle!

Have you seen these blogger bundles over on Fat Quarter Shop?
(check out the one on the bottom of the page for June, just sayin.....)

Ever wanted to make one yourself?

Now's your chance! Laura is hosting a FQS-sponsored contest to create and win your very own bundle!

But it's even better because you won't be winning fat quarters but 1/2 yards! I'm one of the guest judges, with Amy making the final decision. I can't say I envy her that job!

What is your favorite cut? How many do you prefer in a bundle?


Regena said...

it depends on what I'm doing, but I like 1/2 yard and 1 yards pieces
how many in a bundle? As many as I can get! LOL I would have to say at least 6, 12 is better.

Anonymous said...

For most projects fat quarters in a bundle of at least 13 is my favorite.