Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eye Candy, thread, fabric & Talkin Tuesdays

  I am very lucky in the quilting world. I have my chat Talkin Tuesdays (on twitter, 1-3pmET #talknt2, and 9-11pmET #talknt) and through that I have met some incredibly wonderful and talented people. Many have become good friends, many others have been great contacts for furthering my involvement in the quilt industry, and I've managed to get some different quilt related goodies I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. And I get to giveaway all sorts of goodies! Like this week, during #talknt2 I will be giving away THREE of the thread collections from Aurifil.
I HIGHLY recommend you join in if you can! Each one of the collections retails for at least $99.

These are 2 of the 3 thread collections Aurifil has put together with Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics. And just and FYI they work perfectly with both Indie and her newest line Rock 'n Romance.
I have some Indie and I have to say again how amazing the feel of these fabrics is, very tight weave, they feel almost like batiks because of it. From what I hear they are the highest quality cotton in the quilt industry.

 These colours are so deep and gorgeous and they actually go with an immense amount of things. I was playing with them against all different fabric lines and at least one went with every line I tried. Also Shane wanted to steal some to tie flies. That obviously did not happen and I threatened him with a rotary cutter if he tried it.

They are in the 50 and 40 weight, which is my preference for both piecing and quilting. The 28 weight really stands out when used for quilting, and is nice for handwork. The 28 & 12 can both be used for embroidery, well any of them can if you use enough strands, and with all the colours available it's actually lots of fun.

 Something else I've been lucky enough to do is buy a quilt frame and machine. I'm LOVING it. LOVE. Quilting has become so much more fun. And I'm actually pretty good at it which is nice. It'd be fun no matter what but being good at it makes me feel accomplished.
 I'm taking in quilts for other people now. I'm really excited to offer machine quilting to see more of those tops and UFO's get finished! And since so many of you have been so supportive of me if you're a follower anywhere online- twitter, here, facebook- you get 5% off quilting, anytime, all the time. Just let  me know when you contact me about it so I can make a note.

Remember the "Talknt" 20% off code for Fat Quarter Shop, it expires Sept 30th at 11:59pm.


Jenny Rodriguez said...

Holy guacamole!!! I've been missing Talkin' Tuesdays and what a treat to hope for!

SewCalGal said...

Inspirational threads that would be great fun to create with.


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