Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I got my modified Little Bit of Boo ( Quilt Sampler pattern Little Bit of Boo (Fall/Winter 2010) by Sandra Workman) bound up just in time for the big day tomorrow!

This is my first embroidery quilt so that is a fun thing in itself for me. But the fact I finished in it season is a win. I also ended up binding it without a thimble as mine has run away. Again. I suspect it's hiding out in all the scraps on my sewing room table but so far the searches have only resulted in a bigger mess on the table. 

 I've set myself the goal of Cheryl Arkison's lecture, at the London Modern Quilt Guild, on November 5th to have the sewing table cleared of scraps. We'll see if I make it, but at least it's a goal, right?

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