Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fun with Grunge!

I ended up with a charm pack of Moda's 2015 Grunge Basics and really wanted to play with it but I couldn't find a one charm pack pattern that I liked. So I made one up as I went!

I was really grateful to those who follow me on Instagram for helping encourage me on this one. In one of the rare times Shane didn't like one of my quilts but I liked it you were there to tell me to keep going! I really appreciate it. I need the cheering section when I'm unsure sometimes!

The quilt ended up being about 35 * 38 I think. I've misplaced my tape measure...again....

I used bleached white for the background and 6.5" x width for the borders in grunges I had in my stash. I <3 the grunges.

Now to decide if I should quilt this one up or let it rest a bit. Anyone need a baby quilt? ;)

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