Monday, February 1, 2016

All in A Row

Just  resist the adorable row quilts I picked up Martingale's Moda All-Stars All in a Row and had to make up a few of the rows right away!
I'm following along with #allinarowquiltalong in hopes of keeping motivation to make a full quilt not just runners etc.

The cute factor has me breaking into my Honey Honey stash by Kate Spain. I really love the warmth and bright of her fabrics and Honey Honey just checked off all the awesome. It's a line I love more and more.And Kate is a really warm and lovely person and I just get that feeling from the fabrics as well.

 I made Pincushion and Thread and I can't believe how cute that little bit of applique adds! I'll add the button on top of the applique after it is quilted.

I also did the Drunkard's Path row. I adore the design but had never made any until I made a test block of this row,

and I love it! I glue basted the curves which I found made it much easier to keep everything neat and it means I didn't get stuck by pins.

Then I had to make Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts' row We are Family. I messed this one up. I didn't want to make the star points the way the book instructed so I used a different method that left me with stars spinning in opposite directions. I kinda like it. It suites the title for me.

And then Pat Sloan's adorable wash line begged to be made up.

Four rows done so far!

 Have you ever made a row quilt?

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