Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I was a good girl and did some piecing on my Decandant Victorian table topper last night but just got too lazy to haul out the iron and ironing board, or to flip DD's chair over which has an ironing board on the back.
I'm going to have to get a picture of it because that is one cute chair. It also flips fully over to be a little step ladder. The cover is ugly but I haven't hated it enough to figure out how to make a new one. Soon I think. I think fabric from this line would go really well in my apartmemt, which is painted in the same grey undertone colours.

I went to the chiropracter this morning, which I have to do a couple times a week to help me keep mobile, and my upper back was all out of whack. Which I knew as it was hurting all weekend. But now that I am all straight for a few days maybe I'll take the little one bowling tonight after JK. She loves going, no scratch that she Loves, loves, loves it. She really is a cutie pie. I'll have to get some more pics of her. I just realized I don't have any ones newer than January. Yes I'm that kind of mom. Always with the camera. LOL. She'll hate it as she gets to be a teen but for now she loves being the star.

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