Monday, July 14, 2008

Canadian Gail and On Commenters

You didn't have your settings set so I couldn't reply via e-mail. But it is a good topic for a post too so here goes.
For me here in Ontario, it costs about $9 to ship up to 8-10 yards of fabric. I find that it really is worth ordering fabrics from the States. I try to suport my LQS (local quilt shop) when I can, but it really is very expensive in comparison, and to be honest I don't feel very welcome or comfortable there.
Fabrics at LQS run between $13-$17 a meter, rarely decent sales, and Jelly Rolls are about $45 and charm packs run about $4-8 more than the ones in the US. Fabric from the States at full price is more around 7.50-10, and with all the options it is easy to find sales. Jelly rolls normally under $30.On top of these we pay sales tax.
If you order from the US go over a certain amount, and Customs picks up on it, you can end up paying an extra 5-18%.

Especially if you live in rural areas, or don't have a great LQS I think it is worth ordering from one of the big US online quilt shops.

And for all others who have commented, if you have not received a message back from me, especially if you asked a question, and haven't received a message back, check your settings. You could be sending messages from blogger with a no reply email address to protect your privacy. I can't e-mail you back and I'd love to.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for answering my question. Good information and I'm definitely going to check into this. Re settings for responding, the jokes on me. I always thought by leaving my email address when it says "Choose an Identify" that the blogger would see this. Anyway, apparently such is not the case and I'll have to reread some of the posts I've seen lately about "leaving comments". I don't know if the fact I don't have a blog makes any difference.

quiltmom anna said...

Hi Cara,
My name is Anna and I live in Edmonton. I do try and buy from my LQS but only from their clearance sections. I found a site on line called Sew Sisters canada. Do you know it? Have you ordered from them. I have ordered from Connecting Threads out of Washington State and am contemplating ordering from Keepsake quilting- The prices are quite abit cheaper than regular prices in some of the quilt stores. It is a difficult dilemma.
Your blocks are very pretty.
Like Gail I currently do not have a blog.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Anonymous said...

Sew Sisters has been around for a long time and they are good honest sellers with very reasonable prices that are comparable to those in the USA. they have very low shipping too. The owner, Judy, is super friendly you can always email her and she will help you out. The online website is and the information site about their store is