Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Tree

Have you heard about or checked out the Cross Country Christmas Designer Blog Hop? It's in Day 4 already but its a great treat, and of course their are prizes, but even cooler than that is the fact that each day the designer du jour, today is Pat Sloan, provides an awesome pattern for free! They are also sharing favorite memories, recipes etc based on the theme for the day. Check it out.

Here are the projects I've made so far, the tree has since had buttons added, but I need to get a few more to fully embellish it, I'm using them as ornaments, and to tack down the prairie points. It's quilt as you go too! So its quick and fully done before you know it. Check it out here

Little Bit helped with the stitching on the middle one. I punched the needle, and she'd pull it through. She got a real kick out of it. Since I was thinking of embroidering some tea towels for mom for Christmas/her birthday, I think I'll do it for sure and she can help. Don't grandparents love things kids make?

I was reading memories of Christmas Trees and I have a bunch of those. One the silliest is when we were away the day after Christmas and kept getting called about the alarm going off in the house. Turns out the ornaments were falling of the tree setting of the motion detectors. This took several trips by our neighbour and the police to figure out. Not good, but now funny, because at first everyone thought it was a spider in front of the detector because, well there was one when they got there the first time, but even after it was suitably disposed of, the alarm kept going off.
Another year the tree came crashing down, fully decorated. Luckily we only lost a few ornaments, as mom never really believed in having much breakables with four kids around. After that we took to stringing, well string, at the top of the tree and tacking it to the wall/door frame, as safety cables.
When I hit high school I moved into my brother's old room, he'd moved out the year before, in the basement as it was big enough to hold a queen size bed and I had out grown my single, and at the time we didn't know I was finished growing already.
So I ended up buying my own little tree for down there maybe the next year or something, and since I was of course broke after buying the tree, I could only afford to decorate it in those tacky little red bows and tinsel, and a few left over ornaments from the big tree upstairs.

Now that I have my own apartment and family we have a little fake tree that gets done up quite nice every year if I do say so myself. I had a big one in my old apartment but their just isn't room for it here at this one, even though it is actually a bigger place, just not laid out to have extra room for a 6 ft tree.

Little Bit is chomping at the bit, waiting for the snow to come. She loves the stuff, and can't wait. I promised her we would put up the tree when the snow came, I hope she doesn't remember lol. I would like to wait until December 1st, tradition etc, but mostly I'm not ready for snow!

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Thelma said...


Another wonderful post! I loved all your Christmas stories. I've had 2 trees fall over, one when I was a kid, and the other in my own home when my daughter was 6. I lost some wonderful ornaments, that was my last live tree!

You're doing an amazing job on the daily projects. The first was my favorite, if I was to do one I would do that one.

I've also been enjoying all the stories on all the designers blogs.

I got my Picnic pattern, there's not going to be a picnic at my house this November! I'll probably blog about it tomorrow.

I checked out Le Jardin BOM, I was not familiar with it. I love it! I'm not so good at applique. I'll be eager to see your blocks as you finish them.