Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couldn't Wait

So last night after I finished my blog post, and generally got ready for bed it happened. I tried to resist, really. But they looked so cute! So I dug out the scraps of Cornicopia from this
and decided I had to make just one. At least before bed. Later today, probably more.
I didn't fill it as much as I'd like, I have no funnel though. Which I can't quite understand, I thought I had a funnel or two, but they are no where to be found, so I may be just crazy cause DH says he's never seen one here. Oh well. I put some of my pin toppers on. I love pumpkins, so this made me happy, and the little snowman, he was quite a bit of work, but cute I think.

I'm definitely going to have to make some more of these Tuffets. And get the new set of patterns when it comes out.
I don't know that this will replace my mini quilts, but it is a cute way to use and keep scraps from a fabric line used in another quilt, especially if they're only little/narrow pieces.

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Thelma said...

I think DH doesn't "know" where funnels are because they are in garage with oil or some kind of outside substance in them, my funnels always mysteriously find their way from my kitchen to the garage.

I LOVE the tuffets, and they do use up those little scraps perfectly!