Sunday, June 20, 2010

Need some idea help

I'm wanting to at least start on my Make Life...quilt which is one I'm making for myself, imagine that eh? (yes Canadians really do say eh, and I am one of them, though not every other sentence)

 I know I want it to be tumblers, because if you've been reading for a while you know I love tumblers. But I think I want to put something in the middle like a medallion but I can't seem to figure out what would look good with the tumblers, stars? other geometrics?

 I know I'll frame the center medallion so it I don't have to worry about it fitting right next to the tumblers. I can also do applique so that is also an option.

 I think that may be the problem, too many options!

Any ideas?


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How about a bunch of Broken Dishes blocks? Broken dishes and tumblers? ;-) Have fun deciding!

Deanna said...

Too much fabric and too many ideas. What a sad dilemma?!? :) Congratulations on your Friday Night win.