Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Various projects on their way

 I've got Third Wheel done up until the borders, one of which I'm waiting on, so I thought I'd show it off. This started as part of the Cha Cha Challenge but as I worked on it, and did the math etc, I got to thinking I really like this one. And it's easy. And it can be made from charm packs or a layer cake or a jelly roll with yardage for what is white in mine.  Mason is warning you away from "his" quilt, which is whatever is laying where he can get it, and he especially loves unquilted, or soft backed quilts.

 I'm considering selling this pattern. And was hoping for some feedback. Either positive or negative, seriously it's ok to say I don't think it'll sell, just don't be cruel ;)

This is a little kit Little Bit order through Scholastic and she took it to grandma's so she could "sew" all by herself!

Aren't they adorable?? The little book with instructions is still at my mom's but I think she'll be making these again because she was sooo proud of herself.

I'm working on my placemats for the last Challenge and I'm loving them.
I just can't decide on the sides. The main block is 12" finished, and I want the placemats to be 12x18.
Here are the options, which do you like best?


They've given me another design idea for BakeShop, but I have to get the projects I'm working on done before I can submit more lol.


KristyLou said...

I like option C best for the placemats! And yes, I think that pattern will sell.

LJ said...

I vote C! That is a nice pattern and you should try to sell it! You did a good job!

Off to go sew....

sharon said...

I like C the best too! Nice pattern for place mats, actually I find it hard to find decent place mat patterns. Yours is one of the best that I have seen. Sharonj.

Anonymous said...

Liking C...and yes...why not sell your pattern! :-)

Thelma said...

I love A, great pattern idea!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love little doggy's quilt. That is a great design.
I go with choice #3 on the placemat.

Jill said...

I vote C on the placemats. "Third Wheel" is a great design! It would make a great baby quilt or child's quilt or anything else for that matter. Sure, sell the pattern.

hetty said...

I say, sell the pattern. I like it and I'm sure others will too. My pick for the placemat layout is C. And I love all that stuff that Little Bit made. Very crafty - like mother, like daughter.

Dresden Quilter said...

Sell, sell, sell! I want to make your quilt. I love your placements.