Saturday, November 6, 2010

I promised

Another sneak peek of a project I'm working on for MBS. Here is about 1/4 of something. Yup that's all you get for now lol.

This uses Sunkissed by Sweetwater and will be available in January. I have to tell you I think this is the most beautiful line! It is soft yet vibrant. Little Bit stole the fabric at first and refused to give it back until I promised her the quilt. She actually took the pre-cut to bed!


Amy said...

It is tough being teased with this line of fabrics. They are so sweet. I'm looking forward to January!

Wendy said...

How cool are you! I can't wait to get my fingers on Sunkissed. Sweetwater is totally gonna break by bank :) Glad you promised Little Bit the quilt. You might actually get some quilting done :)

Sara said...

Show us more!