Thursday, June 23, 2011

New baby quilt

I have a nephew who should be making his entrance any day now so had to make him up a quilt. It's harder to find and design a boy quilt without getting into novelties, which are fun sometimes but not what I really felt like working with this time.
I actually dug these fabrics out of my stash from a project I gave up on a few years ago and repurposed them here!

I'm really liking the design of the quilt and am thinking of writing a pattern for it, maybe re-do it in newer fabrics? What do you think?

I backed it with Moda's Snuggles, which I LOVE. Unlike Minky, which has stretch in all directions, Snuggles only stretches one way so its fine to use on the long arm and easy to work with. I like to back all my baby quilts with it and the quilted wraps too.

I had lots of fun quilting it with vines and leaves. Instead of adding flowers I added some swirls in their place.

I really love how the back turned out!

  The whole quilt is about 45" square, which is small for me. I like to do quilts that will last the kids for awhile, hopefully they will wear them out before they out grow them.

  I think if I re-do this one I will add at least another row, which means I have to decide which way is the "top". Do you like the rows going vertically (the very top picture) or horizontally (the second from the top picture) ? I'd also make the middle row a nine patch like the edges. That should get it up to about 45" x 59", which is a nice size.


Sara said...

I think they should go vertically,but that is a personal preference. I also think you should show it off in some new prints. I really like all the designs "swirls" you incorporated.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt and pattern! I really like it vertically, neat quilting too.

Karen said...

I was going to say go vertically because I generally like that better, but after looking at the two pictures for a few minutes, I think the horizontal works really well! 'Specially if you make that centre strip a nine patch block

Jill said...

I think the pattern works great for a baby boy. I am thinking vertical and nine-patches in the center row. Looking forward to what to do.

Anonymous said...

I like the vertical layout best and doing 9 patches in the center section would be awesome. Really like the woodsy look of this color palette!

Jennifer said...

Cute quilt and great design for a boy. I like the row going vertically.

sameer said...

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