Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Announcing the batting series!

  During one of the Talkin Tuesday chats the topic of batting came up and what really shocked me was how little any of us knew about batting. So many had only used one or two kinds, and those just because they were what the shop had or their longarm quilter suggested it.
Because batting is really a very important part of the final look and performance of a quilt I thought it was really important to find out more about it. To do that I read a lot and looked around but as with most things the best way to test something is to actually use it.

I contacted several companies that make batting and asked about getting some samples to test out and do a review of them on the blog. Thankfully several were game, and the people at Pellon where incredibly supportive and excited!

So in the next few weeks I'm going to be doing posts about batting from Pellon, Fairfield, the Warm Co., and Quilters Dream. I'll be testing out 100% cotton, 80/20 blends, polyester, wool, bamboo and some eco battings.

I plan on doing them in group according to the content of the batt,  so all the 100% cottons will be done together etc

I'll be looking at how they feel, how they quilt - on the frame, domestic machine, & a small amount of hand quilting- how they wash, the final appearance, and how heavy they are. I'm looking at how much they lint, how they drape, if there are any quirks to using it, and generally how they behave and what type projects or looks each one is best suited too.

Let me know if there is anything specific you want to know about the battings!

To control the variables of fabric content and thread I'm going to be using only one kind for all of the testing, and will try to quilt them all to about the same density.

Since this is obviously a fairly large undertaking I will be spreading it out over the next few months, and when all is done the quilts will be donated to a children's charity, with maybe one or two given away online. Just saying. maybe. ;)

Any other batting companies that would like to be in on the series can email me!

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giddy99 said...

I'm very new to quilting, so I will gladly read every word you post about this (I'm curious about the differences, and everyone I know to ask seems to have a different opinion).

What I'm REALLY curious about, too, are "non-batting" centers - I've read that some quilters will use fleece, or a blanket, or some other mid-layer in-between the layers. Really?? I'm dead curious about that one.

OH, and black batting. I've seen that at my LQS, too.

MahQuilter said...

As a hand quilter (averaging 11-12 per ")I would like to know which Pellon batting would be best to achieve this. I have not tried any of the Pellon products yet. I would be happy to test hand quilting for you if you are not a hand quilter. Just let me know which one you think might be best and I will purchase what I need to do it. I just didn't want to buy all of them LOL. Mahsistersqt

Dawnmarie's Life said...

I'm so excited to see your reviews. I'm one who just sticks to what I know but there are times I know that a different batting would give more of the feel I want but I just don't know what to pick. I'm looking forward to any tips you have.

Kate said...

Looking forward to the series! I'd like to know how far apart each kind can be quilted - it's a big part of my decision making!

Deb said...

I look forward to learning more about batting - I've only used Warm & Natural products so am anxious to find out about other options. Thanks!

Shannon Wallace said...

Bless you! I am so glad that someone in the quilting world has taken on such a task. I cannot wait to read your reviews and learn more about batting.

Marcia said...

Have you ever tried silk? It was recommended by Harriet Hargrave so I tried it. For hand quilting it is bliss. Now I'm spoiled rotten!

Heidi Grohs said...

Great! Can't wait!