Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quilting at Market

So I mentioned in the review I did of Kelly & Andie's book, Modern Designs for Classic Quilts, that I had gone to Quilt Market.
I'm not going to do any posts about it per se,there are TONS of Market posts, Fat Quarter Shop did a crazy job of covering pretty much everything, and on every platform, the blog of course, but they even have Youtube videos!

What I want to show is the quilting I did for Sarah Watson of Art Gallery Fabrics! I quilted two quilts for her booth!

The applique quilt got different quilting in each square and I used Aurifil 28 wt in their variegated grey (3770) for the darker sections and 50 wt of the white (2021). Mixing the different weights gave a really neat texture to the quilt and let me make some sections stand out much better then others.

The peel quilt I quilted with the 50 wt white as well and quilted a heavy swirl all over. I left the peels unquilted so they would really pop and show off the fabrics, which of course is the point of quilts at Quilt Market.

It was an incredible honour for me to have quilts I'd quilted (her mom pieced them) hanging at Market, but even more awesome was the fact that Sarah ended up winning Best New Exhibitor!!

  I'm not saying my quilting had anything to do with that, it didn't, but it is still super cool. Sarah's booth won because she had such a fun design, and it was just really well done.

The fabrics are Luxe in Bloom and should be available any day now!


sandra said...

Congratulations Cara you did an excellent job on the quilts and as another Canadian quilter I am very proud of you. You have come a long way hon even with FM. Stay well and keep on quilting.

Barb said...

That is soooo awesome!

Patricia Lessell said...

The quilts are just gorgeous malorgeous.

Altax said...

This is very cute!!! You did a great job.

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cspoonquilt said...

Great quilting Cara! Especially all the vaiety on the sampler. What fun! cheers, Claire W.