Saturday, December 7, 2013

I've sewn!

So I've actually done some sewing in the last few weeks. Before this the only work I'd done in a long while has been handwork, none of which is finished.

 But I have sewn for the sake of sewing! I'm thrilled with this because it really did let me relax in a way I haven't for a long time. Creating for the sake of creating with pretty fabrics that make me happy and warm feeling.

I don't know what I'm going to do with these but it will be for no reason but to make me feel like I'm creating beauty and positive energy.
I will post more about how I made them using the Sizzix Big Shot and what fusible I've finally found that I can't mess up most of the time! You can see from the light blue it is still possible to destroy but you have to really overheat, which of course I did.

I've also started work on a quilt that was supposed to be made a year ago for my inlaws. I hate that I haven't had it done for them before now but I do like having something to work on that will be appreciated. My inlaws, especially my father-in-law Sam, really appreciate and love quilting, (and think everything I do is awesome!) as it was part of both their lives growing up in a poor town in Appalachia. You can see one of the many reasons I adore them.

This is a version of my Twilight pattern using Indigo Crossing by Minnik & Simpson for Moda. Twilight was available as a PDF at Fat Quarter Shop but it seems to be missing now, but you can still get it over on PatternSpot.

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