Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh I wish I was more organized

Nicole over at Sister's Choice Quilts has shared wonderful pictures of her organized stash. I'm so envious of her ability to find everything, let alone find a place for it all.
I can't even begin to think how I could get my stash into some semblance of organization. I have fabric everywhere. UFOs and WIPs all over the place. This may have something to do with us being in an apartment. More likely is the fact that I am a hopelessly disorganized person. I have never been organized in my life, honestly I'm the type of person who really would lose their head if it wasn't attached.
I lose keys once a month at least, luckily only for a few hours, or days at the most. I can never find a pen even though I have about fifty thousand of them around.
Any attempts at neatness ends up in a worse mess than it started.
I can't even find my charger for my camera batteries and I've searched everywhere. So I've given up because, knowing me, I will stumble upon it in a day or two in some perfectly sensible place where I put it so it wouldn't get lost.

Oh well. Don't wish for what you cannot have. Find a way to live with what you do. And ignore DH when his less than subtle hints at my disorganization get annoying.

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