Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All sorts of fun

I was so excited today. My quilt mags came today. After getting DD from school we were on our way up the elevator when I hopped off to check the mail and there they were! I was so happy. Little bit was staring at me like I'd lost my mind but oh well, she'll probably be thinking that for the next 20 years or so.

I've already devoured them and looking at making a few of the patterns. I really love Quilter's Home . It is so funny and fresh. I'd read it without any patterns.
I admit I'm a pattern whore...or should it be horder? naw whore sounds about right ;)....which is why I still get 'other' quilt mags. They rarely have much to interest me in terms of articles, though occassionally they do. And yes I do realize so many of the patterns are the same but I can't stop myself. I have more patterns than any twenty quilters could make in a lifetime, and so many are based on a fabric line that isn't in print anymore. Maybe one day I'll break myself but I doubt it.
For patterns I like BHG's American Patchwork and Quilting. DH got me a subscription for my b-day in January and I'm thrilled. I like using big blocks in quilts. I made a a quilt, ok a flimsy, for hubby using 22" blocks a year or two ago. If I ever get some $$ together I'll have it long armed for him...maybe an idea for his birthday in September.

I'm also super excited that Dandelion Girl is out. It's a new fabric line from Moda by my favorite designer Joanna from >Fig Tree Quilts.
I saw them on Fat Quarter Shop's website. Along with a hundred patterns for it. Which is my weakness. Kinda a good thing my quilting budget is so spent because now I'm not tempted to spend, and then OVERspend, and spend some more. I love the colours, which I can honestly say about all of Fig Tree's lines. I LOVE, LOVE them. And they go with all of their other lines so I can mix and match and incorporate my left overs into new quilts. It makes a very happy Cara :)

I admit to being a McQuilter.....actually I have a real problem with that term.; t implies that for some reason my quilts are cheap and subpar. I do do original quilts. But I also like being able to just sit back and enjoy following someone else's direction...and **GASP** even follow fabric choices on occassion!
And I likes it that way. So :P.
Ok done ranting on that topic.

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