Saturday, May 3, 2008

Really unfun week

First, I know unfun is not a word but it is about the nicest I'm going. My back is still giving me fits. The spasms have bruised my kidneys and now I'm just unhappy. Little Bit is away for the weekend with her biodad and she really didn't want to go.

Second I just noticed that my Wednesday post never published, so if you wish you can skip down and read it now.

Today I got another of my stars done. This one is ok, the problem I had is I ran out of the paper I normally use and just used computer paper, which if fine except that with smaller blocks it is very stiff.

I don't really like this block. I tried playing with it in EQ using all sorts of colour combinations and placements but I never really feel in like, let alone love, with any.
I'm sure after all the others have posted I'll see something that makes it pop.
Something I've noticed when I look at paper pieced blocks is a lot of them make the Maltese Cross when you put them together, either in the center or as a secondary pattern with multiple blocks. It's weird. Or maybe I'm just weird for noticing.
I really hope I get feeling better because I am not enjoying not being able to do anything.

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