Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two colour challenge

I was wrong about the book. It hasn't come yet. The rest of my book order got here but not the quilt book. So pooh.
I'm going to set up all the other girls' links on a sidebar. Otherwise I'd be listing forever.
I think I've decided to go with blue and neautral for my colours. I have some nice older looking blues. But I only have about 6 of them.
I do however have 1-2 yards of each. I think I'll use about 8 neautrals.

I guess I'll just have to wait for the book to see how much I need. Or I could of course just do something totally differnt. These blue say Sawtooth to me so maybe I'll do a bunch of stars.

I seem to be in a star mood of late though so I kind of want to do something different.


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Those blue fabrics are wonderful!

Nicole said...

Those light blues are just beautiful! Do you recall if they are part of a specific fabric collection?