Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Sashing Lillebet

First you might want to head over to Lila Tueller's blog to enter into her contest for a great pre-release giveaway. I think Little Bit might like something done in that line. Very girly, springy. Yes I make up words. Constantly.

Now onto Lillebet...ok seriously I don't know if it's too much sashing, or too much pain meds, but every time I talk about this project it sounds like it could be dirty.
Anyhoo, I got a few more blocks sashed and the rest of the sashing made up. A few more days should see that part done, and then I will get around to the applique, which is all made up and waiting to be sewn. About half the flowers have the inner parts sewn, and are waiting to be put to background, the other half still need to be sewn to each other first.

Only four blocks have sashing on all four sides, the others only have it on three sides.

I'm looking forward to getting this one done. Though DH says he likes it, which is odd, but hey maybe I'll get it on our bed in the spring.

I ordered my next Year of Schnibbles pattern and fabric from a different online store, I'll tell you which when I have an opinion on it. I think I'm going to do it in the new must have fabric for everyone, Rouenneries by French General. The store called to say the yardage wasn't in yet but should be any day so I told them to wait the whole order on it, hopefully not a mistake. I also ordered the Tuffets pattern, mini pin cushions, and a pound of crushed walnut shells so I'm hoping to make up some cute pincushions and get some better pictures of my pin toppers.
I've got about 12 listings on Etsy right now, but I know I need better photos and styling before I'll actually sell many.

I think I've been overdoing it the last few days, I've been so much more tired and sore. I went out a lot on Tuesday and some yesterday. It's frustrating how tired just showering makes me still, it's been 2 1/2 weeks, but I'm still sore enough to keep me from doing more than I should.

I'm off for a little rest and then hopefully I'll get another block sashed tonight between dinner, and getting Little Bit to tutoring.

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Doris said...

Beautiful sashing...this will have such a unique look all put togther!