Sunday, October 18, 2009

Simple sewing

So I went to my little quilting pantry, one of those cheap little things from Canadian Tire, and found an old kit. It's Bob the Builder with about 6 quarter yard cuts. The problem? I couldn't remember which pattern was supposed to go with, so I looked through all the patterns in one of my binders and decided it had to be either Can't Cut it or 5 and Dime. I decided to go with the Can't Cut it. And made oopsies with the cutting so it kind of came out funky, especially with me muddling up the block direction and not noticing. But hey it's a quick quilt, going to my little nephew down in NC. I got the whole top done in a few hours.

I'll eventually get the more elaborate quilt made for him, but every time I touch it I seem to mess it up more. This is the EQ5 mock up of the quilt. I had EQ6 but have lost the upgrade cd so when I got my new laptop I was back to 5.

DH is coming down with something, he thinks allergies, and Little Bit has been with Grandma most of the weekend so it has been pretty quite around here. I really have to get working on Lillebet but that probably won't happen this week. I need to do the cutting on Little Bit's Halloween costume, which hopefully I'll be able to get done. Mom has said she'd help if I can't get it done, I still tire easily. She is going to be a pink Belle, melding her favorite dress with her other favorite princess Aurora.

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG that humpty dumpty quilt is going to be adorable. I love it!!!