Thursday, October 29, 2009

This and That

Ok I found this blog post from Commonplace Life and wow, Thank You. I really need that sometimes to remember it's not just me.

I've not been feeling well lately but I did get Tumbler Block quilted, washed and dried. This is a good way to show off a line of fabric, and it really isn't any harder than sewing together squares. I think the pattern called for 4 charm packs, so one layer cake would do, to make a lap size.

Little Bit had skating on Monday and it was costume day, but since her costume is a) not sewn yet, and b) long she got to wear a costume I had worn back in elementary school that mom had in the closet of lost/forgotten things.

The pictures through the glass didn't turn out but it was cute, so many kids skating and falling down in their little costumes. They had the ice pad lights turned off so it was a little dark and "spooky", especially since it was warmer so there was some steam coming up off the ice. The kids loved it.

So I'm not a sewer, asides from piecing. I've done it, and my mom is quite good at your basic sewing of clothes, and she almost always sewed our Halloween costumes growing up. But I think I may have bit off more then I can chew. The collar of Little Bit's Pink Belle costume has me stumped and I'm really not sure this is going to work out, and mom is off for a conference tomorrow afternoon so can't help. I've only got part of the bodice done, and am still working on the over skirt, and haven't touched the underskirt yet. It's all cut out though.
Good thing DH and I picked up one at Costco, Princess Aurora, just in case cuz I think just in case is here. LOL. I think this may end up being a dress up dress and she'll get it at Christmas.
And after reading that post above, I'm going to be ok with it.

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LauraJ said...

You make lovely quilts! Thank you for stopping by today or yesterday. Come back soon!

I like your attitude in reference to the costume. I wish I was closer to help you figure out your conundrum with the collar.