Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sew much to see

Ok it's a bad pun but hey...So I've been checking out the HUNDREDS of quilts in the online quilt festival being hosted by Amy at Park City Girl. I have visited over 600 blogs, yes I said 600, and none of those today so there are probably more. It has been a lot of fun, but it has meant very little sewing has been going on, well until tonight.

Over the last few days I have been playing with some squares from Metro Blue, a line from a few years ago. I had gotten them out to make a purse, but well, they had other ideas. They decided they wanted to be pinwheels, but not just any pin wheels, ones made according to this different method. Well. When fabric insists, it insists. So I made all of these.

But what to do with them? Nothing seemed quite right, and I didn't want to make more. The method wastes fabric, and the seams were so bulking I had to press them open, which I don't like doing, and being a klutz burned myself a few times.

So they sat. I stared. Nothing. Then, just as I was about to start another project (all the while ignoring Lillebet) it came to me. Yes singing angels and all lol. I even had left over fabric from the first time I attempted a purse with this line, and I say attempted because while it was fully functional and got compliments, it really didn't turn out as I wanted, so will never be photographed and shown here.

Hmm...getting there but not quite. I discussed this with DH, who is actually pretty decent at seeing and giving advice on design or colour, wanted or not lol.
And here is what I finally came up with.
I think it turned out nicely...the only thing...I'm thinking it could be a little bigger, it's currently 24" square. What do you think of flying geese, with the geese being made up of the fabric line, and the wings being white?
I'm going to bind it in the other strip fabric from the line, so it will get a little bit more scrappy from that.
I can't decide and since my Schnibble pattern and fabric are still not here I'm at loose ends right now. I'm wondering if it's going to get here in time for me to finish it for the 31st. Oh well, hazards of online shopping cross border.

Be sure to check out Emma's giveaway and her Etsy shop. Some beautiful little quilts. She is giving away a kit for the quilt below.


die-fadenwerkstatt said...

Yes, I thing flying geese would make a nice frame for the whole. I like the colour combination very much. Thank you for the link for the pinwheels as I am currently making a bed quilt out of the Neptune line by Tula Pink.

Thelma said...

OH, I like this! Nice job!! I also like the idea of the geese, how about a plain brown border before and after you add them?

I hope you get your Schnibbles supplies soon. My goal is to have all my blocks done by Tuesday. I would like to have it done with a week to spare.