Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Update

So the laptop is still dead. We are debating fixing it or getting a desktop for Little Bit and I to share, since she will need to start using a computer for school in the next few years,and my next computer had better frickin' last that long this time.
I do apologize for the pictureless posts, I don't like not having any but of well.

I've been working on the Year of Schnibbles pattern, which this month is Picnic. I've got all the half square triangles sewn, and they are all matched up. So I need to do some more ironing and sewing and I should be able to get them done this week, and the sashing is not complicated so it won't take long.
I've been working on embroidering a tea towel for my mom with nesting dolls and will add wheat sheaves to the edges. As soon as DH gets the pics of my camera and puts them on a thumb drive for me I'll show you. I got the pattern free from the Hand Embroidery Network or HEN.

I've been noticing more that I'm having more trouble with the dyslexia when I'm at the computer. I don't know if it is because I'm in the middle of a pain flare or what but excuse the typos, and general none nonsensicalness of me. Using Mozilla Firefox helps because it underlines misspellings, or non US spellings, of most words so I've been able to catch most of the mistakes. It is getting annoying because so many of the errors are ones I have managed to not make in years. I'm hoping it is my fingers are going slower instead of my brain not being able to compensate like it is trained to.

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I debated sharing my "excitement" from yesterday. I got a call from Little Bit's school. An AMBULANCE had been called for her. AN AMBULANCE. Apparently she is ok, but all you hear is AMBULANCE. Could I come to the school? I'm half way out the door already. When I arrived there was a police car and the AMBULANCE, light on, in the parking lot. The EMTs were smart enough to let me see her before they started talking.
Little Bit had appeared to fall asleep at her desk, when the teacher tried to wake her, she was unresponsive, the EA told me later she appeared to be in a seizure at first, when she finally started responding, when the EMTs were there, she was disoriented, complained of a headache, and was pale with red angry looking welts on her jawline and back. The ones on her back had faded by the time I got there, the ones on her jawline while I was waiting at the doctors office.
After discussing things with the police, who are called whenever an ambulance is called to a school, and the EMTs we decided I'd take her to her pediatrician as she seemed to be alert and generally ok by the time I got there.
The pediatrician couldn't figure out anything, her blood sugars were normal (although it was about 2hours later when they were tested) so we are going to be referred to a neurologist, and we are under orders to take her straight to Children's ER if it happens again, probably by ambulance.
She seems completely normal now. No residuals at all. She was pale for a few hours, and not jumping off the walls but generally normal. And now she's still her normal cheery self.
So I have no idea what happened yesterday other then I got scared to all get out, and that both the EMTs and the policewoman did an amazing job, checking out Little Bit, keeping her calm and not scared, and of dealing with me, who was flashing back to my son's death until I saw her sitting there clutching Sparky, a stuffed dog the policewoman gave her.
So thank you to you, even though in all the rush I forgot to get your names. Thank you for taking care of my baby girl.


Ariane said...

Wow! I'm glad your daughter is fine. I hope you can find out what the cause was. It's always scarry when things happen to our kids. Hope you get your computer soon. Take care.

Anonymous said...

It is so scary when something happens to our kiddos! Makes you wonder if it will happen again...good thing she checked out to be fine.
I wanted to make that Schnibble...just have too many other things at moment so I'll watch for your finish!

Andee said...

Glad she is son stopped breathing when he was 18 months old while napping...he had broken blood vessels in his face after being resesitated...could not figure out why or whatever despite some test...he is high funtioning autistic and I think related to that episode...get the tests, stay on it and watch for any odd changes, serious stuff though I am sure your situation is different than mine (so don't freak out, lol) but I was naive when it happened and didn't connect the dots for many years...he wasn't diagnosed correctly til he was 14! Keep us posted..

Gigi's Thimble said...

So sorry for the scare. I'm glad she seems to be o.k. though. Sometimes it's a blessing when things like that happen so that we can do the tests to find out if anything more serious needs our attention. Best of luck to the both of you!

I will check that HEN site out. Sounds fun! Thanks for the info about it.

Have a great day!