Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hmmm I've used my store of update titles....

So I found my scraps from Winter White Schnibbles back in September. My good intentioned tidying ended rather abruptly when I realized I could make another of Miss Rosie's I did.

Isn't the snowman cute? I really liked him. I actually forgot to add the carrot nose, I'd had it made but forgot to put it on before I baked him off. Ooops.
I actually read all the directions this time so it turned out bigger then the last courthouse steps one I made. I also picked up a little set of 3 funnels at the dollar store. They really helped get all the walnut shells in there. This one is quite firm, not rock hard, but definitely sturdy. The first one really is kinda wimpy, especially now that it has settled.

Here is the first block in Picnic, the November Schnibble pattern. This one goes together nicely, and the trick Carrie came up with to make the HST using charms squares, without wasting but still able to trim down, is GENIUS. Check it out.

Little Bit wrote her letter to Santa with Daddy's help. This is her first time writing to Santa, who will write back with the help of Canada Post. Santa's address you ask? North Pole, HOH OHO Canada. Seriously that is the address, which is very cute if you ask me.
Little Bit drew pictures for the jolly man too. So we added it to the envelope.
I'll get a stamp and she can mail it after school tomorrow.

So I'm getting close to my 100th post,and following blog tradition have decided to have a giveaway. I haven't decided all yet what but it will involve some fabric and most likely a couple of pin toppers. I will post more about it next time. But one thing I decided is there will be more then one winner. Just saying.


Thelma said...

Your Tuffets look great! I'm glad you bought some funnels. Your picnic block is cute, I know I'm going to be sad I didn't participate when I see the parade.

I hope Santa brings Little Bit exactly what she's wishing for!

So did you get an new computer?

Ariane said...

Your little tuffet look great,and the snowman is cute even without the carrot nose. I can't wait to see the rest of your picnic quilt. I'll be working on mine a bit more this week.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You're ahead of me with the Picnic blocks; I hope to get started very soon. I love the snowman pin topper!
Perfect on the Tuffet pincushion :^)

How is your laptop? Still dead? Oh dear. Computers are wonderful until there's a problem, sigh

Your Little Bit's printing is pretty good for a young one. Glad she's mailing if off to Santa at H0H 0H0!

Anonymous said...

Love the tuffets and ironically I had just posted about needing a new pin cushion a few post ago and posed the question about the filling! Oh goodness...if you have a giveaway I'm keeping fingers crossed for a pincushion win! LOL