Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Pin Cushion

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The weather here is poohy today, actual hail between light showers and teasing glimpses of sun, so I've not felt like doing much at all, and I'm hurting more then the pain pills are helping so sleep is out of the question.

I decided to make another pin cushion since nothing else really called to me, and I honestly wouldn't trust myself with a rotary cutter right feeling this out of it. I stuffed about a cup of the crushed shells into this one so it is quite a bit firmer then the last one, which feels like a fuller bean bag.

I managed to get a better picture of my pins, with some detail showing up! No idea how it happened, when all the ones I tried never worked but I'll take it and play some more.

Sad news is I only have enough shells left for one more cushion. :(
Good news, I can get the stuff easy, close by, for cheap :)

Picture swiped from FQS
Anyone out there who has seen/has the Rouenneries faded red paisley, I need some help in matching/identifying the blue/grey/slate colour in the paisley, or the brown in the roche(dark grey) paisley. I think either one of those would really set off a quilt done in the line but I can't really see it/match it, and can't get out to the quilt shops for awhile, so was hoping to order some online, but I just can't match it well on the screen. I think it might suit Chocolate, Vienna Nights, or maybe Anticipation, all older lines(2005ish) from Moda. The picture makes it look like the roche but it isn't a match, I checked lol. The paisley is a really interesting print as it has an olive green in it too.

I, of course, am getting sleepy now that Little Bit will be home in 45 minutes so I'd better go make myself some stong tea.


Ginger Patches said...

Your pincushions are soo cute!! I just bought some Vienna Nights on shop hop last week and it happened to be the I took a picture with the Rounierrie (or however the heck you spell it) on top and I will email it to you. I think the brown looks good with it.

Rene' said...

Those are great pincushions!!!! I do not have the patience to make any myself, but i am thinking I should try because they are so cute!!! Love the pumpkins pins. Where did you find those?