Monday, November 9, 2009

Sickie Sicks

So Little Bit got hit again on Thursday night/Friday morning with a bug. The fever didn't last long, and she had to go see bio dad, but this morning it was back so she is home sick from school.
I was hit some yesterday, and ended up sleeping til 4:30 in the afternoon, and went back to bed at midnight.
I'm still sleepy, and very fuzzy headed but of course what child actually sleeps when their sick? Not mine, I've just browbeaten her into taking a nap or quiet time, if she wants me to consider letting her go skating with Grandma tonight. But she's up again, so no nap for me...more tea lol.

I've not felt well enough to tackle anything large but I did make another small Tumbler quilt top, or mini top anyway. I cracked open one of the few unopened Moda tin samplers I had left, this one was Inspiration, which had 4 2.5 fabric packs. I used the Kansas Troubles and Barbra Brackman's line, to create this 16.5" x 12" mini top. I haven't decided if I will keep the edges or cut them off and just deal with a straight edge.

I really do prefer the smaller size tumblers. There are 72 tumbler patches.
I think I may buy a layer cake and see what I can't do with it, maybe make a set of matching place mats? I'll have to try to find one with out a lot of stripes, because they really stick out to me, though that could also be because they're from the lighter of the two lines. I really felt that the KT needed something to lighten it up, otherwise I find it kind of depressing, and the Seneca Falls line was still a reproduction line, but not with the same almost tea dyed look.

For my moment for the weekend, DH and Little Bit and the mass of things on the island in my kitchen that serves as general storage, file cabinet, lunch bag holders, etc etc etc.

I really feel uncomfortable showing the mess but hey that's what moments is about. Being real and not Photoshopping life to some unrealistic ideal of what life should look like, but what is. Not that I wouldn't love a magazine spread for a house, or maybe I would, but between my illnesses, Little Bit's needs, and DH's aversion to housework, well that's what it looks like til I get so fed up and reorganize, and that will last all of one week, maybe.

I'm rambling. I need more tea!

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Gigi's Thimble said...

Hi! I'm just taking a break from quilting and saw that you had left a comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting. I've really enjoyed browsing your blog and all of your beautiful quilting projects going on. Love the pin cushions & pins, the schnibbles patterns (you're inspiring me to try again on the one schnibbles pattern I own) and the many other projects I saw you working on. Thanks for sharing! I think you've inspired me to get back to work!