Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Results

Like most times I didn't get as much accomplished as I'd hoped but I do have some things to show.

 But first a story. I had had all the pieces prepared for Block Three but never got them sewn down so I decided that I has going to do that first. Not a big problem. There are a lot of pieces which meant way more chance to muddle up the background so I only sewed together what had to be and left the others off s I could trim etc as necessary. While I was sewing I started to get worried about running out of thread. As you can see that was a legitmate concern.

But I made it. Then I measured my background. It had shrunk up a touch but nothing to be concerned about, or that's what I'm telling myself. So I sewed on the sides but when I went to sew the top strip I realized I had cut the sides 1/2" too small. Oh pooh. But seeing as this is a BOM from Fat Quarter Shop I had enough fabric to cut a second set of strips. Except I cut these ones 2" too short!! Aaaagh!! Except being from FQS I had enough fabric in one of the fabrics to cut another strip which I actually got right, for the second one I just sewed on the extra fabric and I lined it up so that the seams of the ground strip and my oopsy strip matched.

So this is my brillance. But in the end this is the result.

Which I'm pretty happy with.

I also got all the pieces cut for my enlarged Roundabout. I forgot to take a pic of the 300+ white squares but you can imagine.

And I started sewing.

This is as far as I got last night before I just had to stop. Hopefully I will spend today working on them. And yes that is the disaster area I sew in, and most of the time just move to another pile so we can eat at the table. My moment of truth ;)

Happy Quilt Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

You mended your error just fine! That is a sweet applique piece...and I'm loving the color red here!

LJ said...

Happy quilt day!! I'm sewing too!!

Oh and I like the way you fixed your error. You can't even tell! :)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Your block is beautiful! In the end, only you will know there is an error in there. ;-) Happy Quilting Day!

Unknown said...

I love this block.......

Frou said...

Gorgeous appliqued block - lucky you, re: the extra fabric to cover you're cutting error.

Thelma said...


This Le Jardin block is my favorite so far, Congratulations!! The flower pot is amazing, great job on the fussy cutting. The whole block is just lovely. The border looks good to me! If you ever run short on fabric let me know, I bought 1/2 yard cuts of that family and have YET to make a single thing.

I was so enamored with your block I checked the FQS to see if I could still sign up, I'm too late. I'll just have to drool over yours each month.

Thanks for the pictures of your kitchen table, it makes me appreciate my sewing room which I DO take for granted. It makes my sewing life so much easier.

hetty said...

I love your applique block! So pretty! And I remember having a mess like that in my kitchen until not too long ago. Then my kids moved out and I took over one of the bedrooms for sewing. Don't worry. Your day will come. Some thing are worth waiting for.

Rene' said...

The end result is gorgeous!!! Looks like you enjoyed Quilt Day!!!