Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mini Verna and star sashing

 So ever since I started showing Mini Verna I've had a few questions on her. I was inspired after making a table runner in a similar style using Happy Zombie's pattern.

Below are instructions, or the math anyways, for using Mini Charms (2.5"), and using 3 charm packs (5") to make a large throw size.

Quick notes. Regardless of the size of the pieces the method is the same.
When sewing the rows together always press towards the square, this will make joining the rows together a snap.
Working with smaller pieces take more time then larger ones I find. Mostly because you don't have the room for error and they can be hard to line up as nicely. Paper piecing would be easier but since I don't EQ without the laptop I can't give you a template. I did make Mini Verna without it so it's doable.
These pictures were using mini charm sizes, so it's ok that they look smooshed. It works.
One sided sashing is this:
One sided sashing goes towards the edge of the quilt.

Two sided is this:

Mini Verna
5*8 setting
40 -mini charms, 2.5" squares.
67 -1.25x2.50, this is the sashing.
252- 1.25" squares, these are the stars points and star centers.

I used the stitch and flip method (if you need this explained email me or check out some of the tutorials online) to make 45 two sided sashing pieces, and the 22 one sided sashing pieces.
Arrange the charms in whatever way is pleasing to you. Sew the sashing and charms together. Sew sashing and star centers together into rows and then sew the rows together alternating Charm and Sashing rows.
I added a 1" border all around in the same fabric as the sashing. Baste, quilt, and bind!

Alternate Sizes/Setting

Mini Charms 6x7 setting
42 mini charms (2.5")
47 sashing pieces (2.25"x1.25")
   - 22 one sided sashing
   - 25 two sided sashing
177 1.25" squares
   -144 corner pieces for stitch and flip
   - 30 centers

2 Charm Packs 9x9 setting, 54"x54"  with no borders added.
81 Charm Squares (5"), all but 3 charms from 2-42 piece charm packs.
74 sashing pieces (2.5x5) [Use Jelly Roll strips for a scrappy sashing, in which case you'd need 10 strips, or 1yd of fabric]
    - 32 one sided sashing
    - 42 two sided sashing
296 2.50" squares (One of the Jelly Roll Basics would be a time saver, you'd need 18.5 strips, or 1.325 yards)
    - 232 for the corners of stitch and flip

3 Charm Packs 11x11 setting 64"x64" with no borders added.
121 Charm Squares (5"), all but 5 charms from 3-42 piece charm packs.
130 sashing pieces (2.5x5) [Use Jelly Roll strips for a scrappy sashing, in which case you'd need 17 strips, or 1yd of fabric]
    - 40 one sided sashing
    - 90 two sided sashing
540  2.50" squares (One of the Jelly Roll Basics would be a huge time saver, you'll need 34 strips, or 2.5yds of fabric)
    - 440 for the corners of stitch and flip
    -100 centers

I hope this helps...I know it may not be the most clear so feel free to e-mail me any questions or comment here.


Jill said...

Thanks for the directions. I hope to give it a try this weekend. Yours looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing this.

Rene' said...

Cara, thanks for the tutorial. Love yours with the Verna. I am seeing projects pop up all over with that fabric!