Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now this is a sampler

 I was looking around for something to work on while I wait for some fabrics to arrive for WIPs and I remembered I'd made a smaller tumbler quilt, flimsy, back in November using 2.5 charms cut into tumblers/thimbles from Seneca Falls and Scrapbook Garden. Well I managed to find it, which is a feat in and of itself, and popped a few stitches out and managed to add the little sampler packs from Butterfly Garden, Looking Back, and Collection for a Cause-Charity. I had to add two other fabrics from the stash because I found two of my squares where only half there so the numbers didn't work but they do now! I found the "cheddar" from Charity to be very bright but I think it'll be fine.
 I left the last few stitches out from each of the rows so I can add more later. These are not my normal fabrics but I do like them so I think this will just get bigger when I have "samplings".
 Right not the mini measured 26"*18" and has 13 rows of 15, so there are 195 fabrics.

 I'd though of adding the Blackbird Designs I had, both have Garden in the name, but I think they were just too bright for this one. For now this is going to be folded up and put away were I got it from, maybe I'll be able to find it next time too!


kimland said...

Awesome, looks like a lot of work!

Rene' said...

I really like the quilts you make with the tumbler blocks. This one reminds me of those charm quilts where no fabric is used more than once. I really want to make one of those. Yours is great!!

Ariane said...

I love it! This is definitely my style. I have to make one of those. It is gorgeous!!!

hetty said...

Gorgeous! 195 fabrics! Wow!
I had to smile at your description of actually finding a UFO. I always have that problem.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a great idea for a scrappy quilt! Love the idea of all different fabrics~ and a long term project. ;-) Have a great weekend!