Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stuck but binding

 So I'm in a bit of limbo right now. I can't work on Nephew #2's quilt until I get the rest of the fabric in the mail, which could be tomorrow or next week depending on customs, and I don't have anything else sitting waiting. I don't really want to get out a UFO, they're buried and probably are because they need some amount of work. And I can't decide on starting something else. I have several ideas but no motivation or am lacking the necessary materials for the project.

 I sewed on the binding to Mini Verna finally. It's a very small binding but it looks good I think.
I've prepped the binding for Roundabout, even though I won't get around to it quilting it for while. Forgive the utilitarian picture.

I dug out the Clover Bias Tape maker, man does this make making the binding a breeze! And NO burnt fingers!! I will never make binding without it again. Seriously. It takes longer to cut the fabric then to get it ironed into double folded binding.

 I also used it to make the binding for one of the Rounneries table runners I made. I got it attached and am working on sewing it down in the evenings while DH is watching whatever crap is on that night. Sigh. I'm getting tired of TV. Seriously I want to chuck the thing most of the time. I either end up watching stuff I really don't enjoy, DH's stuff like sitcoms, or Little Bit's cartoon movies, over and over again. I don't think it would be so bad except whenever one or the other is home the tv is pretty much on. I HATE that. If you need noise turn on music. If you need to unwind fine, but all the time?? And neither of them ever thinks to ask if I want to watch anything. Little Bit is 6 so this is understandable..I wonder what DH's excuse is?
Ok I'm ranting so I'll stop now.
Off to get Little Bit from the bus.


Stephanie said...

Very cute quilt. I just made a table runner out of Verna fabric. Don't you just love it??!!

Stephanie Hughes said...

Love both of these! It's a great idea to do the binding ahead because many times I will get to that part and delay because I don't want to go back and cut it. Very good idea. I love the baby quilts.

TV does stink lately! I agree. They need better programming. Take care, Steph

Stephanie Hughes said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Cara, I enlarged your Mini, and wow...you did a great job! I like it! You have convinced me to try to tape maker. My mom has one of those but I've never used it. I'll have to try it. Hope you are feeling much better!

Anonymous said...

Refresh my memory with the little Verna quilt....did you use the 2.5 squares from Moda Sampler Box? If so...where do I find the pattern? Thanks!!

Rene' said...

I like the thin binding you used. I have a clover binding maker...I'll have to pull it out and give it a try!