Thursday, August 6, 2015

A new way to do hexies (at least to me)

  I love hexies. A lot. But the whole hand piecing thing gets to be a problem with my hands, especially piecing them together. Basting isn't too bad, especially if I glue baste but yielding a needle is a chore.

 I'd originally hoped to do a stocking but I only had a mini charm pack in Kathy Schmitz's Piecemakers but I couldn't make it work in hexies which is what I really wanted to do with these cuties.
As an aside, Kathy is a wonderful lady I met at Quilt Market a few years ago and I really did enjoy speaking with her.

The hand problem above was not going to stop me but the amount of fabric did until I just decided to make up a little hexie scrap mini quilt!

So this was made in only a few hours. There are 42 1" hexies. I glue basted them onto water soluble paper, then fused those to some Pellon #987F Fusible Fleece, which was layered onto a backing, before sewing them together with a zigzag stitch which just so happened to also quilt the entire piece. 
And just to be contrary I did do the traditional hand binding.

 The entire piece was then fairly stiff but after a trip through the washing machine you would not be able to tell that it wasn't quilted normally with no papers in it at all. 
The only thing I'd try differently next time is using one of the simple stitch patterns on my sewing machine. 

And there will be a next time! *Insert evil cackle*

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