Sunday, August 9, 2015

A return

 I happened to find a ziploc with a layer cake of Lilac Hill from Blackbird Designs and the project I'd started as a test for the pattern I did for Stitchin' Heaven a few years ago now.

 I really loved the fabric then and still do now. It really reminds me of my mom so it's no surprise!

I'd already done a block as a test of the math and had done the square in a square (SIS) units so there was mostly trimming, making some more half square triangles (HST) and SIS so I could have 9 blocks instead of the 7 I must have originally planned on.

I'm going to have to add some kind of border but since it looks like I got these blocks out of the equivalent of a charm pack I'm not too worried!

Do you think I should try for more blocks or keep it a mini? Right now it measures 14"/

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