Monday, August 17, 2015

A Yuletide Snowflake Revisted

After doing my first Lone Star quilt I decided to give the Fig Tree Quilt's A Yuletide Snowflake a go even though I couldn't find the pattern in my sewing room, I had bought a second one of the jelly roll years ago after botching up the first one.

I figured I had enough of the know-how to now attempt it.


It actually went fairly well! Getting my strips lined up finally clicked so this one went together with much less seam ripping then the last one!

 I guesstimated at the size of the background pieces and think it turned out not badly. I did miss cut, or decided I needed 6 instead of 4 squares, so I don't have enough to do a second background border after the original so I'm considereing adding what I do have to this part and then using what was supposed to be a thin red accent border as a main one, or just adding the background I have and calling it a day. I can't quite decide.


 I don't think I will be adding any applique since with out the physical pattern I don't have the templates but I do think it will still be a good Christmas quilt either way.

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heather said...

hi! thanks for sharing! i'm attempting this quilt... am hesitant about it, but hopefully it will go okay! :)