Monday, August 24, 2015

Review Update Sullivan Edge Ruler

About three years ago I reviewed the Sullivan Edge Ruler I'd picked up at Quilt Market from Pat Sloan.

I've used this thing a lot now. When I first reviewed it one of the things I had issues with was how do you tell if your blade is really staying sharper longer?

I still didn't figure out that part but I did discover that there is a big problem with the ruler that will completely dull your blade in one move.
Ever miss the edge of your ruler and scrap the plastic? Well doing that on the Edge will result in a blade that is pretty much useless after 1-2 times doing it. When it goes it goes fast. So I think it's one of those it works until it doesn't type things.

In the last month I've worked on over 15 quilts or projects of varying size. I've gone through 5 blades. It took to number 3 for me to realize what was going on and then number 4 confirmed it when I was paying attention and sure enough I hit the top of the edge instead of the side and I couldn't get the cutter to work again without sawing away.

So if you don't hit the side it works great.

Having the 1/2" and 1" lines a different colour make using it backwards, without the edge possible, which is what I'm doing for a lot of cuts when I may not be paying quite enough attention or my hands are shaky.

Over all, it's still a pretty good ruler. Do I like the edge? I still can't decide.

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