Thursday, May 22, 2008

5th paper pieced block

Here is my fifth paper pieced block. The colours are off for some reason. It is the same black etc used in the other blocks but there is a definite blue hue to them in the picture. I am finding when sewing the patches together that the add bulk of the paper, even the really thin disolvable kind, really makes it difficult to put the patches together nicely. And pressing them becomes a nightmare trying not to stretch the fabrics.

I went to Walmart trying to find the papers I preferred and could not find them. I was really bummed about it, and I could not find an associate to help. Which is a constant problem there. Which, among a million other reasons, is why I don't buy fabrics/craft stuff there very often.

I went to the doctor yesterday because I have been coughing like mad since Sunday. Apparently I have bronchitis that is attempting to become pneumonia (which is the weirdest word, not even remotely close to how it sounds and not following any real rules of the English language). So I'm loaded up on antibiotics and was given two inhalers. Luckily, if you can call it that, Little Bit is going to see her biodad for the weekend so I will be able to rest some.

Well I've procrastinated enough, I have to finish my readings for class tonight.


Anonymous said...

Your paper pieced blocks are fabulous. I love the colours and intricate patterns.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your PP blocks are fab! (I've been reading through your old posts)
Hope you are feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than a nasty cough.
Take care

Fabricmom said...

Your PP blocks are beautiful. I hope you are feeling better.