Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BOM Lillbet's Garden

I finished another of the blocks for Lillbet's Garden BOM. I'm not a huge fan of the instructions or the fabrics sent with this BOM. The fabrics are not as shown on the website, and they never said anything about different colours. The insructions are mostly good but every once in a while...
Oh well. I've committed to buying it so I'll make it and hope things look good in the end.

Speaking of committing, I agreed to be a Palliative care volunteer at a local long term care/nursing home. Basically I get called when people are dying and need someone to sit with them. The point is that no one has die alone, unless that is what they want. I also get called in to talk to families if they need bereavement support. My placement will be at another long term care facility but I think I will learn a lot at this place too.
I'll be going in once a week for an hour or two even if there isn't anyone specifically palliative. This way I will be familar to residents before they need me.
DH is worried but I think it will be a very enriching and rewarding experience.

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Anne K. said...

What a wonderful service you'll be providing to these patients and their families. Takes a special person to do this important work - so glad you're doing it.

And your quilt will be lovely!