Monday, October 5, 2009

Sashing Lillebet

That sounds almost dirty doesn't it? LOL
Nothing horribly exciting happening here. I've been working on the immense amount of sashing for Lillebet's Garden. Lots and lots of triangles. Not much fun. But some progress so I'll share. You can pretend you haven't seen the blocks before. Seeing as I hadn't seen some of them in over a year we'll pretend their new.

At this point only determination to finish this quilt is going to get it done. I still dislike most of the fabrics (this was a BOM), though the instructions have been good, aside from the occassional difficulty finding the real number of things, sorry but eleventy million isn't very helpful, especially when cranky about doing sashing anyways. Though props to the designer, Beth Ferrier, for not doing long skinny strips, I hate them and they never turn out well for me. Her "Sneaky Piecing Tricks" are also great, some are very basic but some are real time savers. And to be fair, she did say to do the sashing before the blocks, but yeah like that was going to happen.
Lord I'm a procrastinator, I'm sitting writing this instead of breaking up the chain stitching for the last sections of sashing.
wrote about not being a finisher, and it got me thinking about me, and why I don't finish things. Most things fall into one of two categories as to why they didn't get finished.
Group 1 is because I lost passion for it. I'm an incredibly passionate person, but that passion doesn't always last. You know the saying about fires burning brightest, burn out fastest? Yeah that's me. And if there isn't anyone around me to build that passion well things fizzle out.
Group 2 is another rather unfortuante personality thing. I fear failure. And I don't mean a little. I'm terrified of it. I always have been. Mostly goes to never having measured to be worth anything within my immediate family. I apparently would rather not finish, or not really try, rather than risk failing.

So since I've been trying so hard not to live in fear in every aspect of my life, I have determined that certain things are going to get finished, and if they are finished they are not failures. They may not be perfection, but not finished is a bigger failure than missing points. So asides from this one, assuming I still actually like the project and fabrics, I'm going to finish things. I've decided not to make this retroactive because well, there are reasons for some of the UFOs, and if I like them I'll finish them, if not I won't.

The hysterectomy was to try and get some of my life back from the whirlpool of pain I live in, and it's going to be a new start in how I do things. Or I hope it will be. I need to start living for me. When was the last time you asked what was good for YOU? Not hubby, or the kids, or the community but for YOU?
Now is my time to heal, which means thinking of me. Doesn't it?

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Thelma said...

Wow, those blocks are new to me, I'm happy you posted them again. That sashing is wonderful, very clever! This quilt will be amazing when it's done!

A very powerful post, and a good reminder to all women, it's in our blood, putting ourselves last.

Thanks for the comments on my blog!