Wednesday, February 24, 2010


 DH asked the most random question after dinner tonight...What makes you happy?
Now, one would think after 5 years of marriage he may have a clue but that is besides the point.
It got me thinking about things that make me happy. So I decided to think of my top 5 things that make me happy, and they can't be related to another person, as in Little Bit being happy makes me happy. Which it does but for this exercise it doesn't count.

 Happy thing # 1
 Quilting! Huge surprise there huh? Even when things aren't going as planned quilting makes me happy. The process of it, everything up to and including a finished flimsy makes me happy. After that it's doing the necessary to get to the finished part but picking fabrics, patterns, modifying said patterns, cutting, sewing all of that make me happy. The finished product is less important then the process for me...or that is my excuse for all the UFOs that I've started to believe.

Happy Thing # 2
 Dancing!! I love to dance, I love to watch dancing. If there is music I want to move to it. I'm one of those crazy people who just puts on music to make a fool out of myself dancing around to it. The stories I could tell (but won't) about dancing, bars/clubs, and yes booze has been involved although not necessarily the amount you would think.
Mostly I love the energy and the feeling of being part of the music.

Happy Thing # 3
 Traveling. Going different places, seeing different things, different people, new landscapes...all of it makes me very happy. I love feeling connected, but also apart. I love everything about traveling, including coming home! While it is best with people you love, it is also fine to be on your own. Almost anywhere I'd go. I've done a bit of traveling, pre-Little Bit mostly, and I come from a family that has a fair amount of wander lust. If it's on the planet I probably know someone who has been there, or close by, and yes that includes the South Pole.

Happy Thing # 4
 Learning. Yes I am a nerd. Learning new things makes me happy. I like knowing things and even more, I hate not knowing things even more. This one is somewhat tied into some neurosis but in general I like facts, trivia, and all of it.
If only I could remember all the things I've read about....

Happy Thing # 5
 Hot drinks. This may seem odd to you but hot drinks be they a tea, a tisane, white hot chocolate etc, make me happy. There is just something about a hot, slightly sweet liquid that can be so soothing, comforting, and generally happiness inducing. Need a hug but no one is around? Have a hot drink. It always makes me smile at least a little, and if it was in the mug above it would make me smile for sure.

So that is my list. 
What's on yours? If you have a blog write about it, or leave a comment here. Your happy things can be big and general (like traveling) or more specific like Raggedy Anne dolls, can you tell I'm still happy with mine?


LJ said...

What a wonderful list of happy things!! Dancing makes me happy too! And yes I dance a little more than I should when I've imbibed a little or a lot. Still I think everyone should dance more.
Vegetables and fruit makes me very happy!!
Today's breakfast: pineapple, honeydew mellon, cantoulope, in a bowl topped with vanilla yogurt and sprinkled with granola. This makes me immeasurably happy!!

hetty said...

A happy post! Thanks, I needed that. Hot chocolate makes me happy, especially if it has little marshmallows in it. Sunshine makes me extremely happy. I also love to look at the sky and watch the clouds. Singing makes me happy. I love to sing along with anything on the radio. It used to embarrass my kids to no end! Flowers and my garden make me happy! In fact, all of nature makes me happy. And of course, quilting and all other creative endeavours make me happy. I love to create things with my hands.

Darlene said...

Wonderful list of happy things. Thank you for sharing, Cara.

Rene' said...

Great list Cara. It is nice to just sit down and contemplate what makes us happy. I'm with you on quilting (obviously). I also love dancing and don't do enough of that. (I prefer to do that at home with no one I can also sing to the music!) Montana in the summer makes me VERY happy! Also love hot drinks. I drink coffee just about all day long.