Friday, February 19, 2010

OOOoooh Noooo

The lidocain infusion didn't work this time!! I was high as a kite when I left the pain clinic, after having a nice flash back during the infusion. I slept about 16 hours yesterday/last nigh, waking up to make dinner and go the bath room several times (the bathroom not dinner). This morning I woke up with the window open (a very damp cold blowing in) and PAIN. It's not quite as widespread but it's there. And it's evil!
DH may have to die for opening and leaving open that window. Ok not really but I will be peeved for a while. I had hoped it would pass but I've been up for 2 hours now and no relief. I could cry.

 And I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow, which I learned of today. Nice notice huh?

So say good bye to Liam's Picnic as it is going to love a baby.

I'll be driving up with my mom, sisters, and Little Bit. And back the same day it sounds. SO I will be traveling 8 hours in a car in one day...this is sounding less and less fun. Oh well. Family. Not much you can do.


hetty said...

So sorry to hear that the lidocaine infusion didn't work this time. Pain can be so crippling! Is your pain caused by a neuroligical condition? Just wondering. Also sorry that you have to give away that Schnibble. Hope that baby's mother will appreciate it. Take it easy tomorrow. Eight hours in a car sounds absolutely horrible.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear it didn't work and the pain you must endure! Gosh you have to give away your Schnibble?!! Such a sweetie that you are...hoping it will be much appreciated with all the work that you put into it!

Ginger Patches said...

(((((Oh Cara))))), I'm so sorry to hear you're in pain :( I will have to go back into your archives to see what's going on with I have had issues of my own that have kept me from being on the blogs for awhile. Just let me say I so totally understand pain...having been there for a couple of years myself and I am keeping you in my prayers right now sweetie!!

kimland said...

Cara, sorry to hear about your pain. You are a trooper! What a lovely gift to give someone, I hope they realize what they are getting!