Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Sewing Party Update!

YAY I've got the main part of Tumbling Dino's quilted. How did I get it done so fast?? Well I actually some how didn't post the last post it was actually written a few hours earlier then it was posted. Smart I know.
Doesn't look much different does it? I'm hoping even though the back isn't cotton it will crinkle up some.
A close up.
Maybe the back will show you?
Much better lol. Which is funny because once it's washed a few times this will show way less because most of the little fuzzy fibers will work their way out from under the stitching.

 I have to decide on what to do with the borders now.


Oddbjørg said...

I wish I could have had some of your cookies :-)) You have done a great job with the quilt.
Now I'll continue the quilting of the table runner.

joan said...

Beautiful Beautiful! And those cookies Yummmy!
Glad you could make it to the party! Happy Sewing.