Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not a lot going on

 I have to admit to being pretty lazy this week. I haven't gotten much of anything but laundry, dishes, and groceries done. I did wash and dry Tumbling Dino's. It is looking pretty cuddly.

 I've got a few hourglass blocks done for Nephew #2's quilt. I'm thinking I'll applique some sheep on it to give it something different. Again I'm using a slightly older line so it's harder to find, at decent prices, and with decent shipping. But soooo cute.

Have you seen Sweetwater's line that will be coming out end of Summer/early Fall???

It's called Pure and is super delicious. I WILL be getting some of this, hopefully a lot of it!

Mail did come today! I got my Roundabout Pattern for this month's Schnibble! Hurray no last minute sewing or begging the cutting of others while I wait.  Though now I have to decide on fabric! Oh the things we must


kimland said... definetly interrupts. But, doing everyday things do count for something! What fabric line are you using for your nephews quilt? I am scnibble envious. I only have a couple of the little patterns and definetly want more.

Anonymous said...

I know how life gets in the way of quilting....but things have to get done and family tended to. :-)
I have that Schnibbles and realize it is this month's pattern...would you believe I started OSO instead. I couldn't wait to do OSO with Looking Back.

Darlene said...

This month's Schnibbles is a fun one.

I haven't done much this week either. I can't believe it's already Thursday. LOL

Rene' said...

Not getting much done on my end either. I love the new Schnibbles pattern y'all are working on. I'm not in the Schnibbles group, but I might have to make this one. Can't wait to see what fabric you choose.