Sunday, July 11, 2010

Schnibble Along Week 3

 I do love this pattern. It went together like a breeze. And I really like using something other than white or black for a background fabric. I had admire Kim's quilts when she uses other colours for backgrounds so thought I'd give it a go and man does it work!
I just took out the teal and greens from the packs and used some teal yardage for the background and voila! Lovely.

Next, the quilting!
I like doing these quilt alongs, I think it keeps me motivated, and really helps with time management, which I'm normally pretty bad at, or was, I am getting better.


Vicky said...

That's a dynamite quilt! Love using colors for backgrounds! It turned out great!

Barb said...

Oh yes, it is very very nice....and I was thinking the same thing about the backgrounds of my quilts....glad you decided to do it blue.

Thelma said...

I need to be more open minded about my background choices, I'm pretty much a white or beige type of girl but your teal looks great!