Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's the worse thing to happen to a quilter??

 Ok, no all quilt stores did not go poof, nor did fabric become illegal but my sewing machine has become very, very sick. She's making awful noises, and really isn't able to work at all. And the dealer she's from wasn't answering the phone, so I won't even be able to get her seen until Monday. MONDAY.
 Now this may not seem to bad to some, but I sew every day. And I have two quilts needing to be quilted, on of which was about 1/2 done. And the other is due to be up on Bake Shop in 2 weeks.
And really quilting is the only thing that keeps me calm, and Little Bit is gone for almost two this is not a good thing at all.
 I'm off to bind a quilt, and maybe cut out a few more...maybe then I won't feel so deprived.


Pokey said...

OH, NO, true tragedy. Got a friend? I mean, a REAL sew-er who could give you a loaner? I have more than one (about 6) so can you come get borrow one from me? :-} I'm teasing. I know where you are~

Really, there are repair shops that have some they rent out. I'm sorry. I never want to sew more that when my machine is in the shop.

margec88 said...

Hi, I always try to fix things myself first. Sounds like you have thread caught in the machine. First take out the bobbin and try to run the machine in reverse and see if threads appear. Try taking off the plate on the thread dogs, if there is dust or thread caught there, the feed dogs will freeze up. Look at the bobbin area and see if there is thread or dust in the machine. My old featherweight would stop working when the bobbin holder was not in the machine correctly. The noise may be due to the machine trying to run when thread is caught somewhere. Lastly, look in the owners manual in the back for frequent problems and solutions, sometimes the info there is helpful. Hope you can fix this and get back to being creative. Marge of NE Quilts

Joan said...

I feel your pain.
I took my Bernina in for a checkup (hiccuping stitch length, strange noises.) Long story short, the motherboard is being repaired at the Bernina motherland headquarters in heaven knows where. I don't even know if the "brain transplant" will work. She's been gone about a month. It was awful at first, but I'm learning things and doing things I'd NEVER have tried if I'd had the machine. Courage, my girl!

Anonymous said...

? Worst

Anonymous said...

Ok, Honey. I'll re-install the missing pieces right after the race is over.

Love ya,