Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Semi Vacation

 So I've come to the decision that I'm going to take it easy for the summer, which mean I won't be posting as often. I'm not going to say I won't because that is as unlikely as me not sewing for the summer. But I'm not going to worry if I haven't posted in a week.
Little Bit is a very active girl so we'll be out and about more enjoying the summer, which we really didn't have last year.

 This week I've quilted, and am half way done binding, Little Bit's quilt. Finally. I've let this go too long but it will be done when she is home from bio dad. I'll show you a picture once she's seen it all finished.

I also received this beautiful layer cake of Lollipop this week. The colours are amazing, but the prints themselves seem to be jumbled to me. 

I've also finished a project for Bake Shop, but this one won't be up until probably September. Here's a sneak peak.
It's the back and is Moda Snuggles...which is amazingly awesome stuff. It's super soft, but not crazy stretchy. I free motion quilted it with zero problems. I'm trying to get this one kited by one of the online stores and will keep you updated.
I have another project that, assuming I get it quilted and bound, will be up next Friday.

 I took a frame quilting course yesterday and will take part two on Friday. I think this will really help my productivity because I can just rent the frame at the shop to finish my larger quilts and not nearly kill myself and my machine in the process. The only bummer is I have to buy the batting from the shop, but it's reasonably priced so my only concern is about black batting, which I didn't notice they sold.

 So until, well tomorrow for Schnibbles Along, and then until I have something to show and the time to write about it!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy summer! They don't stay so little very long. :0)

quiltmom anna said...

Have a wonderful summer with Little Bit. Hope you are feeling healthy these days and not finding the weather too oppressive. You have had some hot days recently, I think..

Happy creating,

Lis Harwood said...

Quilts keep, Little Bits don't, enjoy your summer together and we'll appreciate any posts you do share.

hetty said...

Have a great summer! This kind of summer doesn't happen all the time!