Saturday, August 15, 2015

My first Lone Star quilt!

I was rather ashamed to realize I hadn't made a quilt for my dad yet, so for his birthday this year during my very marathon (and still going on sewing sessions) I decided to tackle a Lone Star quilt. 
I've been unable to find my copy of Yuletide Blessing Snowflake, which is a strip pieced lone star from Fig Tree Quilts that I'd attempted and abandoned many years ago, I think the pattern was from about 8 years ago.

I did it in Basic Grey's Sweet Serenade which is such a gorgeous line I really was sad to see it go. The soft orange and really the whole thing just works really well. My cell phone photography, not so much. I did goof on one of the strip placements but ssshhhh it's all good still. ;)

This is the first quilt I've been able to put on my frame without a panic attack in so long that I only did a meander star on it and a loose one at that just to make sure it got done! And I did it! I feel such pride in not having a panic attack that I feel the need to share. So I am. :D

What are you feeling proud about?


Happy Turtle said...

That's gorgeous! Got the Lone Star on my bucket list! :)
Love the fabric too.

Terri Ann @ said...

Cara I'm just now seeing this an it's BEAUTIFUL! So glad you like my bakeshop tutorial, don't you just love how this traditional quilt looks with the more modern fabrics you find with jelly rolls? Lovely!