Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bennington Quilted!

I actually quilted and bound Bennington. I'm rather impressed with my self as I normally loose interest/confidence after I've pieced the top. It helped that it is little, only 30x30.

I added the stars in the middle of the empty space to see if I could do them. I'm thinking of doing DH's quilt myself. Everyone has 6 month waiting lists for the long armer.
So I'm contemplating attempting it. Maybe. We'll see.

On Lover's Knot news, I've gotten a lot of the four patches done, and discovered that this pattern has way more steps than neccessary. Which irritates me. But oh well. It is suppossed to be fun, so I'm just ignoring that fact. And apparently having oops with pin and the needle.

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Ginger Patches said...

Looks like you got it bound too!! Good job--it looks great! If you can do little you can do big..just treat it like a bunch of little quilts. A little harder to maneuver but you'll get the hang of it in no time :)